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The following samples are all hand painted from hagiographers with fine art studies, made with faith to the Byzantine tradition, using the finest materials and real 24 K gold for the background. Always being made by order according to the dimensions you prefer.

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Product Code:I01

    Holy bema doors
    wood carved
    classic style
    antique gold finish
    hand painted on oilcloth.

Product Code:I02

    Holy temple icon of Jesus

Product Code:I03

    Holy temple icon of Virgin Mary

Product Code:I04

    Holy temple icon of St. John

Product Code:I05

    Holy temple icon of Archangel Michael.

Product Code:I06

    Holy temple icon of the Assumption

Product Code:I07

    Holy temple icon of St. John

Product Code:I08

    Holy temple icon

Product Code:I09

    Holy temple icon of St. Constantine & Helen

Product Code:I10

    Wood carved labarum of the Holy Resurrection
    fine Byzantine artwork

Product Code:I10A

    Labarum of the Holy Resurrection
    Icon detail

Product Code:I11

    Icon of St. George
    fine metalwork
    embossed sterling silver
    wood carved frame
    Ht: 87 cm W: 67 cm