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Product Code:LAN01

    gold plated
    Size A: Ht 41 cm
    Size B: Ht 70 cm

Product Code:LAN02

    gold plated
    stable or pendulous
    Ht: 34cm

Product Code:LAN03

    Fine metalwork
    Enameled gold plated
    Ht: 65

Product Code:LAN04

    Fine metalwork
    fully enameled gold plated
    Ht: 63 cm

Product Code:LAN05

    Traditional metalwork
    gold plated
    Ht: 51 cm

Product Code:LAN06

    Simple design pendulous
    gold plated
    Ht: 55 cm

Product Code:LAN07

    Fine artwork
    classic design and embossing
    gold & silver plated
    Ht: 78 cm