Resource id #3

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Product Code:AVL13

    gold & silver plated

Product Code:BCR17

    Byzantine fine art
    embossed gold & silver plated
    Ht: 37 cm
    W: 24 cm

Product Code:CEN19

    museum copy
    sterling silver on image
    or gold & silver plated

Product Code:CH26

    Fine art
    museum copy
    classic detailed embossing
    sterling silver cup
    gold & silver plated patine
    Ht: 39 cm cup diameter 15 cm

Product Code:CH35

    Byzantine design
    fine metalwork with enameled rosettes
    gold plated
    Ht: 29.5 cm cup diameter 9.5 cm

Product Code:CH36

    Byzantine "Ambelos" design
    fine metalwork gold & silver plated
    Ht: 29.5 cm cup diameter 11 cm

Product Code:CSA12

    Multilamp Ambelos design fully enameled
    gold plated

Product Code:GEN09

    Paleochristian Holy Communion kit
    embossed double face
    gold & silver plated
    contains miniature sacred vessels
    Ht: 20 cm

Product Code:GO18

    new museum copy
    fine artwork
    gold & silver plated
    Ht: 38 cm W: 29 cm

Product Code:GO21

    fine art
    gold & silver plated
    Ht:38 cm W: 31 cm

Product Code:GO22

    Traditional artwork
    silver plated
    velvet background
    Ht:36 cm W 28 cm

Product Code:HEX03

    Fine enameled Byzantine artwork
    decorated with strass
    gold plated
    size S

Product Code:TAB13

    Embossed paleochristian
    gold & silver plated
    W: 17
    Ht: 70 cm

Product Code:TBL02

Product Code:VL13A

    Classic style
    embossed sterling silver
    sizes: L Ht: 26 cm - XL Ht: 31 cm

Product Code:VL13C

    Classic style "Ambelos"
    embossed gold & silver plated
    sizes: S Ht: 20 cm - M Ht: 23 cm
    L Ht: 26 cm - XL Ht: 31 cm